About Anna and Her Work

Anna Kaminska, photographer Anna  studied  at the San Francisco Art Institute, which boasts the first photography department in the country dedicated to photography as a fine art; it was established in 1945 by Ansel Adams and Minor White. She discovered her passion for photography when she studied with Pirkle Jones, who worked as Ansel Adams' assistant. She has composed book covers, worked as a staff photographer for marine biology research, taught middle school photography, and documented archeological sites in Peru. Anna produces portraits and landscapes, in color as well as black and white, and in digital and traditional media.  

"I have always been interested in photographing the interplay between water and light, because they are both such complex and changeable natural entities. The patterns created by this interplay create rhythms and can almost approach abstract images. You might say that even strictly abstract art has its roots in nature. Water and light act upon something primal in human beings; they evoke moods and reach deep inside us, perhaps because they are essential to life.  

When I photograph my surroundings, I begin to feel the elements that make up the life of the place. I am transforming reality using the lens in my mind and focusing it through the camera. By slowly eliminating the distractions of the larger world I develop a certain intimacy with the small beauties that surround us all.  My images are created by the camera alone. I use digital technology to refine and shape them, in the same way a photo is adjusted in the darkroom."